AC Milan Advanced Talks With Chelsea over Christian Pulisic For €22m package.

christian pulisic to Ac milan

In the latest transfer news, AC Milan and Chelsea Football Club are currently in advanced talks regarding the potential transfer of Christian Pulisic. The negotiations between the two clubs have reached an exciting stage, with a bid of €22 million being submitted by Milan just yesterday. This significant development has caught the attention of football enthusiasts around the world.

Christian Pulisic’s Strong Desire to Join AC Milan

Christian Pulisic, the talented American winger, has made his intentions clear to Chelsea. He is eager to secure a move to AC Milan, and the Italian giants have emerged as his preferred destination. Pulisic’s desire to join Milan has created a buzz among fans, and the negotiations between the clubs are now intensifying as they work towards reaching an agreement.

Advancements in the Deal Structure

While the deal is not yet finalized, the ongoing discussions between AC Milan and Chelsea are progressing positively. Both parties are actively involved in structuring the terms of the transfer, with key details being deliberated upon. The negotiation process is moving closer to a resolution, raising hopes among supporters of AC Milan and Christian Pulisic alike.

Pulisic’s Potential Move

If the transfer deal materializes, it would mark a significant milestone in Christian Pulisic’s career. AC Milan’s strong interest in acquiring the services of the talented American winger highlights their ambition to bolster their squad with top-class talent. Pulisic’s potential move to Milan would provide him with a new opportunity to showcase his skills in one of Europe’s


The ongoing negotiations between AC Milan and Chelsea for the transfer of Christian Pulisic highlight the intensity and excitement of the football transfer market. While the deal is not yet finalized, the €22 million bid submitted by AC Milan underscores their commitment to securing the services of the talented American winger. As the negotiations progress, fans eagerly anticipate the resolution of the deal

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