Al Hilal Makes Concrete Proposal for Lazio Midfielder Sergej Milinković Savić

Sergej Milinković Savić to al hilal

Al Hilal, the prominent football club, has recently put forward a significant and concrete proposal to secure the services of Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinković Savić. This potential deal involves a transfer fee of approximately €40 million, which would be paid to Lazio. Additionally, a three-year contract would be offered to Milinković Savić, awaiting his decision to shape his future.

Al Hilal’s Ambitious Move

In a strategic move to strengthen their squad, Al Hilal has set their sights on the talented Serbian midfielder, Sergej Milinković Savić. With their proposal, Al Hilal aims to bolster their midfield and enhance their overall team performance. This bid signifies the club’s ambition and determination to secure top-notch players to achieve their sporting goals.

The Importance of Sergej Milinković Savić

Sergej Milinković Savić is widely recognized as one of the most gifted midfielders in the football world. His exceptional skills, vision, and versatility on the field have garnered immense praise from fans and experts alike. Having showcased his talent at Lazio since joining the club in 2015, Milinković Savić has proven to be a pivotal figure in their midfield, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

A Significant Financial Proposal

The proposed transfer fee of €40 million demonstrates Al Hilal’s commitment to acquiring Milinković Savić. This substantial financial offer not only reflects the midfielder’s immense value but also highlights the importance that Al Hilal places on his potential contributions to the team’s future achievements. The substantial investment signifies Al Hilal’s dedication to establishing a competitive and formidable squad capable of competing at the highest level.

Awaiting Milinković Savić’s Decision

While Al Hilal has made their intentions clear by submitting a concrete proposal, the final decision ultimately lies in the hands of Sergej Milinković Savić. As of now, there has been no official communication regarding his verdict. The talented midfielder is carefully evaluating his options, weighing the potential benefits and opportunities that a move to Al Hilal could provide for his career.


Al Hilal’s concrete proposal for Sergej Milinković Savić signifies the club’s determination to secure his services and elevate their team’s performance. With an impressive transfer fee and a three-year deal on the table, the decision now rests with the talented midfielder himself. Football enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate Milinković Savić’s verdict and anticipate the potential impact he could have in shaping Al Hilal’s future.

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