Arsenal’s Bold Move: A New Bid of £105M for Declan Rice

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In a stunning twist of events, Arsenal Football Club has submitted a fresh bid for the highly sought-after midfielder, Declan Rice. After their initial offer of 80 million euros was rejected by West Ham, the Gunners have upped the ante with a substantial new bid. This article dives into the details of Arsenal’s latest bid, the reaction from West Ham, and the potential implications for the player’s future.

The New Bid: A Statement of Intent

Arsenal’s renewed bid for Declan Rice stands at a staggering 100 million euros, as reported by renowned journalist David Ornstein. This bold move not only showcases Arsenal’s determination to strengthen their midfield but also highlights their belief in Rice’s exceptional abilities. With the inclusion of add-ons worth 5 million euros, the total package reaches a significant sum.

West Ham’s Dilemma: Waiting on Manchester City

After declining Arsenal’s initial offer, West Ham finds themselves at a crossroads. The club has decided to postpone their decision until they hear from Manchester City, who have also expressed interest in acquiring Declan Rice. The Hammers are weighing their options carefully, considering both financial gains and the player’s aspirations. Arsenal’s latest bid puts them in a precarious position, as they must now evaluate the potential benefits of accepting it.

Arsenal’s Confidence: A Strategic Calculation

Despite the formidable competition from Manchester City, Arsenal remains confident that their bid of 105 million euros will be enough to secure Declan Rice’s services. The Gunners believe that their offer surpasses the value placed on Rice by any other suitor in the market. With unwavering confidence, Arsenal aims to outmaneuver Manchester City and emerge victorious in this intense bidding war.

The Potential Transfer: Rice’s Impact on Arsenal

Should Arsenal successfully secure Declan Rice, the repercussions would be significant. Rice’s remarkable skills as a defensive midfielder would undoubtedly bolster Arsenal’s midfield, providing them with much-needed stability and control. His ability to intercept passes, break up opposition attacks, and distribute the ball with precision would greatly enhance Arsenal’s overall performance on the field.


Arsenal’s new bid for Declan Rice marks a pivotal moment in the transfer market. With a staggering offer of 105 million euros, the Gunners have showcased their determination to strengthen their squad. West Ham finds themselves in a position of uncertainty as they await Manchester City’s response before making a final decision. As the transfer saga unfolds, football fans around the world eagerly anticipate the outcome, wondering which club will ultimately secure the talented Declan Rice.

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