Barcelona legends busquests, messi and possibly jordi alba Will join Inter miami

The Barcelona Legends at MLS After Leo messi to inter miami his fellow team mate also joined him at inter miami and likely another barcelona star jordi alba will join both soon.

Sergio Busquets joins Inter Miami as a free agent, Deal & Agreement signed and completed.

Sergio Busquets rejected the approach from saudi arabia clubs. as they pushed hard for sergio busquets
But he was clear on joining inter miami as he always wanted to experience the MLS. Also He Wanted to join leo messi who signed for inter miami earlier.

Jordi alba was also approched by MLS Club Inter Miami and reportedly he is in talks with inter miami he is also expected to join leo messi and sergio busquets.

jordi alba announced that he’s leaving barcelona and will try new experience saudi clubs also approached him but seems inter miami is his favourite distention and he also wants to make a trio again with leo messi and busquets.

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