Nuno Espirito Santo Pushes for Fabinho at Al Ittihad: Contract Talks Underway


In an exciting development for football fans, Nuno Espirito Santo, the esteemed manager of Al Ittihad, is actively pursuing the signing of Fabinho. The negotiations have reached an advanced stage, with talks focused on salary and contract details. Although there have been reports suggesting a deal is imminent, it is important to note that Liverpool, Fabinho’s current club, has not yet received a formal proposal. Let’s delve deeper into the latest updates regarding this potential transfer.

The Pursuit of Fabinho

Nuno Espirito Santo, known for his astute tactical acumen and passion for the game, has identified Fabinho as a key target for Al Ittihad. The Brazilian midfielder’s versatility, defensive prowess, and ability to dictate play have made him a highly sought-after player in the football world. Recognizing Fabinho’s immense talent, Espirito Santo aims to bolster his squad with this formidable addition.

Contract Negotiations and Salary Talks

Discussions between Fabinho’s representatives and Al Ittihad have been initiated, signaling a genuine intent to secure the player’s services. Salary negotiations have been a focal point, ensuring a lucrative offer that matches Fabinho’s stature and market value. The talks have been conducted in a professional manner, with both parties striving to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Liverpool’s Stance

Despite the ongoing negotiations, it is important to clarify that Liverpool, Fabinho’s current club, is yet to receive a formal proposal. Until such a proposal is received, the transfer cannot be considered a done deal. Liverpool holds a prominent position in world football and has consistently demonstrated their resolve to retain key players. Any potential transfer involving Fabinho would require careful consideration and evaluation from the Merseyside club.


Nuno Espirito Santo’s pursuit of Fabinho at Al Ittihad has garnered attention and excitement among fans worldwide. The contract talks and negotiations regarding salary are progressing, showcasing the genuine interest and intent from both sides. However, it is crucial to note that Liverpool has not yet received a formal proposal, emphasizing that the deal is not finalized. Football enthusiasts eagerly await further developments, as the potential transfer of Fabinho could reshape the dynamics of the game. Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing transfer saga.

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