Will the Saudi Pro League become 5th Ranked League In The World  ?

karim benzema in saudi ro league


In recent times, the Saudi Pro League has made headlines by attempting to lure talented football players from prestigious leagues like the Premier League and La Liga with lucrative financial offers. With the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Ngolo Kante already making their move to Saudi clubs, it raises the question: Is money truly better than everything? Let’s delve deeper into this captivating phenomenon.

The Rise of Financial Power in Football

The influx of money into football has dramatically changed the landscape of the sport. Clubs from wealthy nations and regions, such as Saudi Arabia, have emerged as serious contenders for top players. Offering staggering amounts of money in transfer fees and wages, they entice both young talents and iconic figures to make the move to saudi pro league .

Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema: A Paradigm Shift

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in saudi pro league , one of the greatest footballers of all time, at Al Nassr, earning a jaw-dropping 200 million euros per year, grabbed global attention. This move, along with Karim Benzema’s transfer to Al Ittihad for over 200 million euros annually and 100% image rights, signifies a significant shift in the balance of power and financial allure in football.

Ngolo Kante: Sacrificing Legacy for Wealth?

The recent transfer of Ngolo Kante saudi pro league, a midfield stalwart for Chelsea and a beloved figure among fans, to Al Ittihad for an astounding 100 million euros per year, raises questions about the importance of legacy and loyalty in the game. Kante’s move suggests that money might be overpowering the sentiment of playing for a historically prestigious club and the pursuit of titles and accolades.

The Saudi Pro League’s Ambitious Pursuits

The Saudi Pro League’s ambitions don’t end with the signings of Ronaldo, Benzema, and Kante. Al Nassr is actively pursuing Saúl and Hakim Ziyech, while Al Hilal aims to secure Rúben Neves from Wolverhampton Wanderers. The potential addition of Koulibaly and the negotiations surrounding Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang highlight the league’s ongoing pursuit of renowned players.

Critics and Challenges

While the financial muscle of the Saudi Pro League is undeniable, there are critics who argue that the influx of money could undermine the competitive balance in football. The potential departure of top players from Europe’s leading leagues might lead to a concentration of talent in a few select leagues, hindering the global appeal of the sport.

The Complex Decision-Making Process

For players weighing the option of moving to Saudi Arabia, the decision is multifaceted. Factors such as financial security, lifestyle, competition level, and long-term career prospects all come into play. While money is a significant consideration, players must weigh it against the potential impact on their legacy, exposure, and personal satisfaction.


The recent surge in Saudi Arabia’s financial power in football has sparked intense debates about the influence of money in the beautiful game. As players like Ronaldo, Benzema, and Kante make lucrative moves, the allure of substantial financial rewards seems to overshadow other aspects of their careers. However, the decision to prioritize money over everything else is a complex one, with long-lasting implications for both the players and the sport as a whole. Only time will tell if this trend continues and how it ultimately shapes the future of football.

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